The attractive metal dustbin-box!


And suddenly everything looks different! The lawnmower has its own garage and the waste recycling looks much tidier. As the "little brother" of the Equipment Locker, the Biohort StoreMax® offers a maximum of storage room in a small compact space. With the accessory Intermediate floor you can even double your storage space! The StoreMax can also be used as a garage for bicycles.


Functional for quick access: the two part opening system with its sliding roller shutters! The metall silver surface presents itself modern and fashionable.


A maximum of storage space and quality convinces - available in three colours (metallic silver, metall quartz grey, metallic dark grey) and three sizes (120, 160, 190).


Another functional storage box:

Biohort LeisureTime Box with accessory lid storage net


Also think about the maintenance of your StoreMax® and order our new CleanLine maintenance and cleaning products!

Now new in the trendy colour "metallic quartz grey"!

Ready for dispatch within 2 bis 4 Werktagen!*

* Please note more information about the delivery time!



(incl. VAT)

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  Product variant Size Price  
StoreMax 120 € 799.00
StoreMax 160 € 999.00
StoreMax 190 € 1399.00

Your advantages



  • Top quality: roller shutters and guide profiles made of coated aluminium, side walls constructed from hot-dipped galvanised, polyamid coated steel plate
  • Rain proof dustbin box
  • Secured with a cylinder lock (incl. spare key)
  • Integrated organiser system
  • Hot-dipped galvanised steel floor plate and all the necessary fixtures required for anchoring securely
  • Ease of operation due to spring assisted roller shutter mechanism
  • simple assembly thanks to photo illustrated assembly manual
  • 20 year guarantee on the metal dustbin box

Standard equipment:

  • Twist grip, cylinder lock (spare key included)
  • integrated organiser system
  • hot-dipped galvanised steel floor plate and all the necessary fixtures required for anchoring securely



Data sheet:


External dimensions (cm)
W x D x H
Internal dimensions (cm)
W x D
ca. (l)


117 x 73 x 109

114 x 62




163 x 78 x 120

160 x 67




190 x 97 x 136

188 x 86





120 2 x 120l (dustbins)
160 3 x 120l (dustbins) or
2 x 240l (dustbins, turned at 90°)

3 x 120l (dustbins) or

3 x 240l (dustbins) or

2 bicycles for adults



Please find more information on the website of our supplier »

Assembly required.

 Produktvideo StoreMax

Do you have any questions? Then use our extensive guidance.



Convince yourself of the excellent quality of the materials which Biohort uses. Request max. 2 material samples of the colours you want and we will send them to you free of charge! (The size of the material samples is max. 205 x 130 mm).
Please note, that not every product is available in every colour. For details, see the Biohort colour-list.


My personal data:

Please send me the following material samples:

Frequently asked questions and answers

Biohort products are available at our online shop.
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Biohort products are available at our online shop.


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No, Biohort products can be purchased at our online shop.


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Deliveries to Switzerland occur only through our general importer Neogard.


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Generally not! In the following countries no transport costs arise: Austria, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Finland and Spain.

The delivery address has to be located on the mainland and must be accessible to a 38t-lorry. We deliver Biohort products free of charge to the distributor or directly to your home address. If a delivery to an island is required please ask for the corresponding extra charges.


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Prices can be found at our local dealers or online at our online shop.


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Quotations can be requested at our local dealers or at our online shop.


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Replacements can be purchased directly form our customer service at


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Yes, please find our certified Biohort assembly partners and recommended prices under assembly service!


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Wir haben mit unseren Montagepartnern Richtpreise inkl. Anfahrt und MwSt. vereinbart. Beachten Sie bitte, dass diese Richtpreise wirklich nur Richtwerte sind. Folgende Kosten werden zusätzlich verrechnet:

  • Fundamenterrichtung (optional - wird nicht von allen Montagepartnern angeboten)
  • Abdichtung zum Fundament (optional)
  • Entsorgung Verpackung (optional)
  • Montage von Zubehör (optional)

Fragen Sie daher bitte unbedingt vor der Beauftragung die Kosten bei unseren Montagepartnern an!


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Standard products (garden sheds & storage solutions) will be delivered within 7 to 21 days from receipt of order. For special orders (e.g. extension kits or window units for Garden Shed Europa), expect the delivery time to be about 4 - 6 weeks.
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Of course, you can announce a desired delivery week. Please indicate this on your order.


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If desired we deliver directly to your home address.

Depending on the weight and size of the goods the delivery will be effected by a parcel service or forwarding agent.

Deliveries by the parcel service (LeisureTime Box 100 / 130, PAKET-BOX and small accessories) are made WITHOUT a prior advice.

If the delivery is made by the forwarding agent, the forwarding agent will contact you as soon as the goods have arrived the last depot of the forwarding agent. Then you can arrange the concrete delivery date within the following 6 workdays - on this day you will receive your delivery during the day.
For deliveries by the forwarding agent ("free kerbside") please indicate your telephone number where you are available during the day.

Please consider the required conditions for deliveries by the forwarding agent:

  • minimum width of the street of 3 metres
  • vertical clearence of 4 metres
  • the address given must be accessible to a 38t-lorry 
  • opportunity to turn around


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For any information about deliveries to islands please contact your dealer!
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Please contact your dealer if a delivery with a 38t-lorry isn't possible!


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Generally, a date of delivery can only be arranged with the forwarding agency.

Deliveries are possible from Monday through Friday.

Unfortunately, an exact time of delivery cannot be arranged, since it depends on the route assigned to the forwarder.


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Please indicate upcoming holidays, business trips etc. when placing the order. Should reasons arise of which you aren't able to accept the delviery atthe arranegd date, please contact us immediately at
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No, all Biohort products are packed in corrugated cardboard boxes for self-assembling.
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When receiving the delivery please note that:

  • the correct colour an size is delivered.
  • the delivery is complete 
  • there are no damages on the packaging (also slight dents should be indicated on the packing slip)


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"Delivery free of charge" means the transport from our stock to the indicated delivery address (only within mainland), kerbside (no transport into the garden or garage!).


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To Austria, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Great Britain (mainland), Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Hungary and Norway. For special islands we charge an island surcharge - please ask us about the amount!
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Due to their size and weight, we recommend the packages to be transported by at least to people. Please notice that the forwarder is not obliged to carry the packages inside your house or garden.



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They are for packed ready for self-assembly in 1 to 5 sturdy corrugated cartons and are clearly marked on the outside.
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Depending on the sizes, all packages are provided with handles or grips to facilitate their transport. We recommend the packages to be handled by at least two people.
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Depending on the product, one package can weigh up to 73 kg.
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In this case, please make sure that you store or keep the packages in a dry place.


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The StoreMax is supplied with a galvanized and enamelled metal base. A flat, horizontally level and firm floor is still necessary. Asphalt driveways are ideal, plaving slabs laid in a gravel bed are also suitable as is a frost-proof concreted foundation. The StoreMax must be secured against storm using the dowels and mounting hardware supplied (screws and dowels). The location must have at least the following specified dimensions:


StoreMax 120 floor space: L = 117 cm, W = 73 cm
StoreMax 160 floor space: L = 163 cm, W = 78 cm
StoreMax 190 floor space: L = 190 cm, W = 97 cm


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All Biohort products are delivered with detailed photo illustrated assembly instructions. Assembly of our products requires no special technical knowledge.
If you cannot perform or organise the assembly yourself, we will be glad to offer our assistance. Our certified installation contractors can be found under "construction service".

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Suitable socket keys-and open-end spanners are included in the delivery.
In addition, the following equipment and tools will be required or may be found useful during assembly:

  • Sharp Craft knife (Stanley knife) to open the packaging
  • Philips and Slot head screwdrivers
  • Open end and ring spanners
    Size 13 mm
  • Impact power drill with Ø 10 mm masonry drill bits (for dowels)
  • Tape measure
  • Step ladder
  • Spirit level
  • Electric screwdriver (useful)
  • 2 x Folding trestles, (useful)
  • Set of socket spanners (useful)

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This all depends on several factors:

A) Skills of the "assemblers"
B) Weather conditions (do not attempt assembly in strong winds!)
C) Amount of working space available


Our experience over the years enables us to offer these guidelines:

Garden Shed Europa:

3 to 6 hours (depending on size)

Garden Shed HighLine:

4 to 6 hours (depending on size)

Garden Shed AvantGarde:

4 to 6 hours (depending on size)
Equipment Locker: 2 to 3 hours
HighBoard: 1 to 2 hours
LoungeBox: 1 to 2 hours
LeisureTime Box / PAKET-BOX: 0,5 to 2 hours


0,5 to 1,5 hours
WoodStock: 1,5 hours


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Garden Shed Europa: 2-3 persons
Garden Shed HighLine: 2-3 persons
Garden Shed AvantGarde: 2-3 persons
Equipment Locker 1-2 persons
StoreMax: 1-2 persons
HighBoard, LoungeBox, LeisureTime Box, PAKET-BOX: 1-2 persons


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All Biohort products are delivered with detailed photo illustrated assembly instructions. Assembly of our products requires no special technical knowledge.

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Each Biohort product is delivered with detailed assembly instructions. For the Europa, AvantGarde and Highline Garden Sheds, the assembly instructions are packed  in cardboard box # 3. You can find the required assembly instructions and download them directly from our Download Center.
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Check the delivered goods are complete (size, colour, signs of damage).
Ensure that sufficient space and assistance is available for installation.
Please take the time to read
the photo illustrated assembly instructions in advance !
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Our certified installation contractors and guideline prices can be found under "construction service".
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The basic requirement is a flat, horizontal building site!
Open the package in accordance with the instructions.
Please protect the sheet metal parts from scratches.
Wear gloves during installation - parts may have sharp edges.

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In order to avoid damages in case of stormy weather, all Biohort products must be secured to the ground floor using the mounting parts provided, such as anchors and dowels.

Biohort declines any kind of responsibility for damages caused by inadequate mounting of storm proof anchorage.

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Most Biohort storage solutions are fitted with a lockable twist-grip, a cylinder lock or a door with a profile cylinder lock.
A Biohort-garden shed/-Equipment Locker/-LeisureTime Box/-PAKET-BOX/-StoreMax can therefore be defined as a "lockable container" and the contents can be insured up to a defined value limit against burglary. Of course even locked Biohort products can be opened with the appropriate force. The highest security against burglary provide the garden sheds "HighLine", "AvantGarde" and the annexe "CasaNova".


What is burglary?
When we speak of a burglary, we generally mean a ‘break-in’ or forced entry accompanied by theft. That is, if the offender, by the use of force, and with aid of tools, illegally-built keys or with keys that have been previously acquired through burglary or robbery with the aim of gaining access to a secure building to steal items.
A burglary occurs if the offender manages to overcoming obstacles or to enter through openings not designed to admit access or through stealth obtains access to secured premises. Finally, the entrance to and stealing of objects from locked premises is also considered burglary.

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Biohort products need almost no care and maintenance, due to the high quality of the materials and their careful manufacture. Just lubricate the lock and the hinges once a year. Clean the shutter guides of the StoreMax regularly resp. lubricate them with silicone spray. If the products get dirty caused by climatic and environmental influences, use only water and the Biohort CleanLine universal cleaner.

It is also possible to use a high-pressure cleaner, as long as you keep a distance of min.10 cm and use no steam cleaner. Max pressure approx. 80 bar.

For conversation of the painted surface, we recommend you the Biohort CleanLine conservation, which optimally protects the painted surface from climatic and environmental influences.

In cases of scratches, varnish the spots affected with some lacquer.

Important: Salty and/or sandy ambient air, aggressive and scrubbing cleaners, thawing salt, fertilizers and other chemical materials (never store products opened) can attack the lacquer painted and zinc surface and cause rust damages.

Claims under guarantee cannot be granted.


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Biohort products are manufactured out of high-quality sheet steel and some components from long-lasting aluminium. These components are not so resistant to hail as those manufactured from steel.
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Biohort garden sheds have proven their quality for over 30 years. Our hot-dipped galvanized, polyamide coated steel plate is supplied by the worldwide renowned Austrain Voestalpine steel mills. Premium car manufacturers, such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi, have all placed their trust in the high quality of "Voestalpine steel" for years. It is therefore with good reason and a clear conscience that we can offer our customers a 20-year guarantee against corrosion. Some components are made out of aluminium, which means a considerable reduction in weight and a long-lasting product.
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If you want to use the StoreMax for storing pumps (e.g. for swimming pools), corresponding cable bushings (electricity, water etc.) are necessary. This is NOT prepared. Please note, that the pumps circuit must be closed. Cases of escaping chloro-water-mixture can cause corrosion. Please note, that in these cases the guarantee expires.


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The shutters of the StoreMax are two-part. In cases of damages, it is possible to replace single lamellas of the front roller shutter. Lamellas of the top roller shutter cannot be replaced.


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The Biohort colours do not match any RAL-number, but partially have similarities to RAL-numbers:



This colour has no similarity with a RAL-colour.


similar to RAL 6005

Metallic quartz grey

similar to RAL 7039

Metallic silver

similar to RAL 9006

Metallic dark grey

This colour has no similarity with a RAL-colour.

Grey-white (interior colour) similar to RAL 9002

We recommend you to request original material samples of the colours for free via our Biohort-customer service.

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As a rule all Biohort products are supplied with different locks. However upon request (and depending on the product range selected), door handles with identical locks can be supplied later. For further information, please contact our Customer Service.


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Product 240 l
120 l Dustbins Bicycles
StoreMax 120   2 Bins -
StoreMax 160 2 Bins (placed sideways) 3 Bins 2 Children's bicycles wheelrim up to 22"
StoreMax 190 3 Bins   3 Bins 2 Bicycles
wheelrim up to 29"


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- against rusting through of the steel panels - for defective or unserviceable parts Excluded from the guarantee are damages incurred in transit (haulage company is liabe), damages incurred due to faulty or inadequate foundations and/or corrosive materials in the surroundings, indirect or secondary damage. For wear and tear, moving parts, changes in colour, plastic- and rubber parts the statutory period of guarantee applies. Here you can find our terms of guarantee. We will gladly send the details to you on request.
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As a rule, no! In most countries the local building regulations permit-you to freely position sheds on your own ground. In some cases an application can be submitted afterwards to the local authorities. In many places, one is even allowed to place the shed directly along the boundary. In the assembly instructions for our sheds a "planning application" for such purposes is included. You can also download the application form directly from our website.

Our tip: check with your local authorities or government before erecting the shed. Furthermore, we advise you to inform and come to an agreement with your neighbours.


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The galvanized/coated floor panel is an essential part of the "StoreMax" and ensures the stability. Because of this, the delivery of the StoreMax without a floor panel is not possible.


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Biohort products are onlyavailable in the colours specified. Custom colours are not available.


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Apart from product-specific special solutions no custom-made designs are offered on non-standard dimensions.
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Biohort products are constructed from high quality steel plate and aluminium and are therefore 100% recyclable
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You will get the spare keys for your Biohort-product from the company Carney GmbH in Germany.
Contakt: or tel. +49 (0) 2736 3562


For the garden sheds „HighLine“ and "AvantGarde model 2016" (standard cylinder lock) please note:

ATTENTION: Please keep one of the three keys in a safe place for a possible necessary production of a duplicate key!
Spare keys can only be produced with the original version as a template. In case of loss of all 3 delivered keys, please contact a key service or destroy the assembly cylinder by counterboring.


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Replacements can be purchased directly form our customer service at


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