Date: 24.05.2016

Garden Shed Europa

Garden Shed Europa

Photo: Garden Shed Europa size 7 metallic dark grey

(side canopy, floor frame and floor panel as accessory)

Standard equipment: 

  • 1 complete Shelf set (consists of 2 shelves and 4 supports)
  • 2 shelf rails (into which shelf supports can be slotted at desired height)
  • 4 Tool hangers (for hanging spades, rakes, hoses etc.)
  • Organiser system fitted to the inside of both doors (includes 6 hooks)
  • Twist grip cylinder lock including spare key
  • Integrated gutters fitted to both sides (incl. connections for 3/4" hoses)
  • Bolts and dowels included for anchoring into the ground
  • Door opening: width 135 cm, height 171 cm

External dimensions incl. roof overhang

W x H x D : 316 x 300 x 209 cm


The Garden Shed Europa is available in 3 colours.